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PG: Willy by endshark
PG: Willy
The glasses and the brows run in the family.
PG: Asuka 2 by endshark
PG: Asuka 2
Refined the transformed state. I am really into this now. I've at least been drawing one thing for this daily after work, so its a start. Trying to get most of the design work done that I want by the weekend so I can start thumbnailing pages :)
PG: Professor T. Botna by endshark
PG: Professor T. Botna
Professor T. Botna. He is the villain I drew in a previous sketch page, but I finished off the design. I may still play with some of the colours a little but I decided to make him feel more synthetic, hence the blue skin and white hair.
PG: Satsuka by endshark
PG: Satsuka
Rough sketches of Satsuka's designs. These rough reference sheets will be all I'll need to at least keep the character consistent enough when I go to do the actual pages.
Next design to finalize will be Asuka's (Panda Girl).



Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Hey guys!!

I know I've been fairly silent here in regards to the album. Truth is time spent working on it has been kinda intermittent. A lot has kind of happened in my personal life over the course of this month. That said I finally got a chance to do some chipping away at this beast. I realize that the delay kind of sucks and I know a few people are really waiting for it - hell I'm waiting for it!! I am not sure how realistic it is for me to reach my previous estimation on when this thing will be done, other than it is getting closer bit by bit. I only want to release it when it is ready and not rush any bits of it.

Tonight I have finished yet another track. Well, it was pretty close before and even appeared in a barebones guitar only state in a previous release this year called Melancholy. I have actually pulled all three songs from that little release and they're getting the Funeral treatment, though Devil's March and Melancholy as songs are only going to have minor tweaks so far. It's actually Engage that got the biggest facelift. While the structure of the song remained untouched because I really liked it, I felt it was missing a lot of oomph. It was basically half cooked and deciding to put it on Funeral to replace the old opener track I had before was the best decision I could have made. It really feels like a solid opening song and represents fairly well the kind of level I'm aiming to reach with this album as a whole. It's definitely not a dead project.

So anyway here is the song in it's finished state. Well, composition wise anyway! I will be fine tuning the mix as I get closer to the album's completion :)…

In case I didn't upload it here either, I also had made a brand new intro track for the album. I don't consider it the opener - it's kinda more of a 'story piece' than anything.…

This album is continually going through changes as I try and make it feel like a big cohesive piece. I shall be uploading all the scrapped demos in their unfinished state as a separate release as well shortly after the album is completed. Some of the ideas I'm likely to revisit I'm sure for a sequel album, but only if they feel right.

Thanks for listening and the patience. I hope these show why the delay is taking longer than I thought and why I'm actually kinda thankful that all the delays happened in the first place. Gave me a step back and re-evaluate what I had.

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Do you ever hold livestreams that your fans can tune in to?
endshark Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
not very often, once in a blue moon.
The-Bread-Man Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
that'd be quite a treat ( ´∀`)
Art47 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
Your gallery is one of the few that really makes me glad I'm on this website.
Thanks for sharing the sweet art ^^
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Thank you very much for your kind words ^-^
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