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Straps 2014 sketch by endshark
Straps 2014 sketch
Back in 2009 I made a character on VOID named Straps that barely anybody associates as being my character for some reason (I always get "WAIT YOU DREW STRAPS"). She got killed in her second comic and wasn't very noteworthy.

Every now and then though I tinker with the design. I figure being in hell for all these years rubbed off on her.
Funeral Print 1 WIP by endshark
Funeral Print 1 WIP
wip of poster idea no.3 of Funeral. I’m fleshing it out a bit more from the thumbnail but it still has a ways to go. This is still in the rough stages of course and I need to fix a few more things. Its the more pin-up of the three but whatever, fuck it I don't care - I like it. I also plan on doing number 2 (which was the more action packed of the three) because I also like that one and everyone else seems to dig it too.

Anyway eventually I’ll get them finished and put on society6.
Funeral Print Ideas 1 by endshark
Funeral Print Ideas 1
The idea is planted in my head, so I'm gonna make a poster. Here are 3 sketches. I am definitely gonna make one of no.3, but I think I might try and combine 1 and 2 somehow.
Funeral Sketch by endshark
Funeral Sketch
I haven’t drawn almost all month so I’m super rusty. So here is a drawing of Funeral.
FUNERAL album art WIP by endshark
FUNERAL album art WIP
WIP album art concept for the album I'm currently chipping away at. No idea on when I'll be releasing it as it still has a ways to go, but the demos are shaping up. Here is a link to the demo tracks I've uploaded so far (some are further along than others, while others are just tiny snippets):…

It's kind of got a concept to the album but its very loose. I'm not going to be forcing anything so the message could easily change - but so far the premise is that the robot girl (Funeral) is up against a Master Computer that shares the same identification that suddenly decides she lived her purpose and now it is her time to basically die. It's kind of like battling yourself/your insecurities kind of because that's sort of where I've been at. I've been writing lyrics to reflect that theme but I'm not 100% sure yet if I'll be putting vocals on it or not, so the whole concept might end up being less blatant as the album is still a major wip.

The album originally started out as a sequel album to one I released called Melancholy which only had three tracks (which you can download for free here):… but now this album has kind of taken on its own life. Not sure what the final tracklisting will be either as I keep adding new demos. I am thinking 6-8 tracks.


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I've been slowly chipping away at a new music album. Some people following me on Twitter over the last few weeks have probably heard a couple teasers for the songs "Hello" and "Funeral Party" before I took them down.

But I've just wrapped up another demo now and when it is done it will be the opener to my next small album release which I'm tentatively calling "FUNERAL". It's starting to kind of take on a bit of a story as I keep working on the songs. I have no idea when the final release will be ready as I'm trying to push myself to create something I can really be proud of. This demo so far I'm really digging though. Keep in mind when you listen though it is still quite far from being done.…

Thanks for listening!

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HyperCola307 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
I want to have a poster of Funeral. How many infant tears do you require to make that a possiblity?
endshark Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
the tears of millions of infants. Maybe I'll make one someday!! I'll think about it for sure :)
HyperCola307 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 4, 2014
thegreatrouge Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  Student Interface Designer
are you making a game?
endshark Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I wish. I'm always making concepts until I can find the right time to bring them to life.
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