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Happy Halloween! by endshark
Happy Halloween!

I am a little late on this, but I wasn’t even gonna draw anything originally so whatever. It’s a bit rushed because I started it in the evening OOPS but I still like how it came out anyway for the time spent. Just some Shina and Roboface Halloween goodness.

Hope everyone had a good Halloween!

SR: Lord Dread / Katta by endshark
SR: Lord Dread / Katta

Redesigning Lord Dread and Katta of THE DREAD SHARKS.

Dread’s fairly obvious as to who he was since he had more of a role in the 24 hour comic. Katta is actually the shark lady with goggles that appear and wimpers at him that shit’s about to get real. In the reboot she’s gonna have a bit more of a role! Katta also didn’t have a name before, its just Attack backwards minus the C (because why not).

I needed to flesh out their designs a little more since I am nearing the revisions where I’ll need to start drawing them.

Shina and Roboface Cover WIP by endshark
Shina and Roboface Cover WIP
And I started inking the cover drawing the other day too.


I get asked this a lot and while I appreciate all the interest, I just want to clarify that right now I don't do commissions. Thanks for your interest and your understanding :)

I plan on doing a more substantial journal update soon-ish with updates on my projects and whatnot. Sometime in August I'll probably have more solid news on stuff, as I plan to finish up some of those Funeral demos and get powering on that album again. Feeling the inspiration/creative drive for that starting to really come back so it must mean its time to finish it.


- End!

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Xykun Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2015
You have such a cool chara design & colors ! Gonna keep an eye on you, keep it up ! :D
Artman-eyt Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015
I first found you on Twitter but should of known you had a deviantart! I really love your style. You've got that Megaman Zero and Kill la Kill look which is fucking amazing to me! Keep up the awesome work. :3
endshark Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015
Thanks :)!!
Etrius7 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015   Digital Artist
Awesome artwork!
endshark Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015
Thank you :)!!
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