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Sunny 2 by endshark
Sunny 2
Then in same hangout I sketched Sunny with some of my friends characters. I don't know the big guys name yet but he belongs to Magistelle and then Xia belongs to my friend CrackingSkulls :>
Sunny by endshark
Felt like drawing a monkey girl the other day. Like really badly, so in a google hangout I drew one.
EnterVOID: Ai Hype by endshark
EnterVOID: Ai Hype
Doing the EnterVOID thing again because I am a sucker for punishment. Here is a hype piece I am doing for my character, Ai. She has a human form that she uses as a disguise but she is actually an alien. Its gonna be part parody, part action - all wrapped up in a 3 page cap per round. She is my entrant for VOID's light speed death tourney which is 4 days to do 3 pages max of comics depicting my character -killing- my opponents. The way VOID works in death matches like this is that when you submit a character to the site and do a death match, if your character dies you cannot use them for battle on the site anymore. So its a fight for glory and also for being able to permanently use the character in regular matches.

I have actually been quite fond of drawing this character, as I think people on tumblr probably could gather. She's fun and simple.

All the other characters in the background piece were all the other entrants to the death tourney as of the time of drawing. I think someone just entered a Tree into the fray...thats right, a tree. Should be a fun tourney!

Merry Christmas by endshark
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Decided to sketch up a Christmas pic :). Has Asuka and “Dick” from Panda Girl. “Dick” is getting a new name for christmas haha. Then we have Yoko, Tanaka, Shina and Roboface from Shina and Roboface. Tanaka is already awkward enough wearing that ugly shirt but Yoko got him <3 RF (standing for Roboface) underpants. She is amused but him less so haha.

Anyway have a good holiday everyone :)


PS: Sorry for not doing much art lately everyone, my life has been hectic. A lot of things happened last month that some people are aware of 'cause I have posted about it on twitter and patreon, but one thing I wanna say is look forward to Free Comic Book Day in 2016 - I got offered a really nice chance and did the art to a STREET FIGHTER story for the FCBD 2016 issue! Please go visit a comic shop on that day and pick it up :)! It's my first pro comics gig and I am really excited about it. I just don't have time to make a journal right now. Thanksssss!

Happy Halloween! by endshark
Happy Halloween!

I am a little late on this, but I wasn’t even gonna draw anything originally so whatever. It’s a bit rushed because I started it in the evening OOPS but I still like how it came out anyway for the time spent. Just some Shina and Roboface Halloween goodness.

Hope everyone had a good Halloween!



I get asked this a lot and while I appreciate all the interest, I just want to clarify that right now I don't do commissions. Thanks for your interest and your understanding :)

I plan on doing a more substantial journal update soon-ish with updates on my projects and whatnot. Sometime in August I'll probably have more solid news on stuff, as I plan to finish up some of those Funeral demos and get powering on that album again. Feeling the inspiration/creative drive for that starting to really come back so it must mean its time to finish it.


- End!

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sharknob Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there, you have cool gallery! nice to meet you :handshake:
endshark Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Hi there! Thanks a lot, nice to meet you too!
Zubwayori Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016   Artist
H-hi! , It me from your friends is Dante.
it really nice meet you 
endshark Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016
Hey there! Dante was talking about you :)! Nice to meet you too!
Zubwayori Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016   Artist
Really? How nice he is! Dante was talking about you too
You seem very nice, so i thought i should talk with you more often (:
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